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Corporate and school programmes, private yoga classes and yoga therapy are also available.

Under the guidance of Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Aida Neves, Sunlilyoga offers classes, workshops and retreats for energy, relaxation, stress reduction and injury therapy. Sessions focus on active stretching and breathing for children, adults, and seniors of any age and condition. Postures and sequences may be customized for the personal needs of participants.

In-person & Virtual Classes

Friday, February 2 – Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tuesdays 9:30 -10:45 am (all levels) - Zoom
In person Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:45 pm (gentle/moderate)

St Mary's Anglican Church in Richmond Hill
Fridays 9:30 -10:45 am – (all levels) - Zoom
In person Saturdays 9:00 -10:15 am (all levels)
St Mary's Anglican Church in Richmond Hill

Monthly - $98.00 + HST = $110.74
Weekly - $35.00 + HST = $39.55
Per class fee - $25.00 + HST = $28.25

Payment by cheque, cash or e-transfer to




All Levels

Suitable for beginning students as well as experienced students who enjoy a gentler class. You will learn basic postures (asanas) and how to co-ordinate these with the breath and movement, thereby developing body awareness. You will learn yogic forms of breathing and how to sequence breath and movements together to assist you in creating physical, mental and emotional balance. For experienced students this class offers an opportunity to deepen your practice and to refine your ability to be guided by your body’s innate wisdom.



A moderate to vigorous experience where fundamentals of asana and pranayama are explored in greater depth. Postures are held longer and personal variations may emerge as spontaneous expressions of one’s unique abilities, energy levels, knowledge and comfort. Students need to have some hatha yoga experience to attend this class.

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