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Sunlilyoga Programme

Yoga Teacher Training, in the tradition of Swami Kripalu's teachings, is very much part of what we do at Sunlilyoga. Sunlilyoga offers courses designed in accordance with standards set by the Yoga Alliance – that lead to YTT Certification. Both 200-hr and 500-hr YTT are in compliance with standards set by the Yoga Alliance - the largest international nonprofit association in the yoga community.

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200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Sunlilyoga's basic 200-Hour Certification is designed in accordance with standards set by the Yoga Alliance. The 2022/23 programme is co-ordinated and directed by Aida Neves and Gabriel McCullogh.




The 200-hour teacher training includes both a solid grounding in technical skills and the development of an empathic, intuitive approach to teaching. 


The curriculum includes principles of classic yoga asanas. Learn to teach at least 28 postures, including proper alignment, essential details and pratapana. Pratapana is the methodology for warming up and conditioning the body as well as the cultivation of body awareness that is a practice unto itself.

Tools of the Sunlilyoga Approach


  • Guide students in developing witness consciousness and self-compassion

  • Distill the wisdom of yoga and find your personal physical, emotional and spiritual alignment and truth

  • Learn how to connect to source for creative asana sequences

  • Connect breath to movement for a deeper experience

  • Use the “press point” assisting methodology and other assists to guide students into the fullest expression of each posture for their bodies

  • Offer the best in experiential teaching

  • Skills for transformational teaching – Help students develop a heightened sense of body awareness to deepen their practice on the mat and show them how to take that awareness into their lives off the mat.

  • How to create inspirational, creative, experiential yoga classes – Develop skills for teaching an inspirational 1-hour or 1.5-hour yoga class. Learn how to pay proper attention to pratapana, how to motivate students and pace your class according to students’ skill levels and experience, and how to create lesson plans for a complete series of classes with progressive levels of difficulty. 

  • Principles of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology – Focus on safety, joint movement, range of motion, and the skeletal and muscular systems.

  • Pranayama techniques – Enable students to experience body-mind integration through yogic breathing and teach them how to connect consciously with prana, or life force – the inherent wisdom of the body.

  • Relaxation and meditation methodology – Gain skills for getting yourself and your students centered, creating sacred space, and guiding students in a deeply restorative relaxation experience.

200-hour Syllabus 


The required 200 hours will be allocated as follows:


110 hours – Techniques 

Includes asanas (postures), pranayama, kriyas, and meditation. Hours in this category include both training in the techniques and practice thereof.


41.5 hours – Teaching Methodology

Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher and the student’s process of learning.


22.5 hours – Anatomy and Physiology

Includes both physical anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and astral/energy/subtle anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.)


31 hours – Philosophy | Ethics | Lifestyle

Study of the origins of yoga, yogic studies for modern times, ethics for yoga teachers,

Yamas and Niyamas, Yoga Sutras, and the Bhagavad Gita.


15 hours – Practicum

Includes student teaching as well as observing and assisting classes taught by others. Hours are a combination of supervised and unsupervised.



200-hour Tuition 2024/25

Tuition: $3975.00 + 13% HST = $4491.75 – includes all handouts and unlimited attendance at all Sunlilyoga classes for the duration of the training.

Additional Costs

• Recommended books

• Cost of attending 20 classes in other yoga traditions

• Participation in a Sunlilyoga Yoga and Meditation retreat.  Approximate retreat cost - $550.00 + HST


Payment Schedule

$91.75 (non-refundable) due with application

$880.00 due September 1, 2024

$880.00 due November 1, 2024

$880.00 due February 1, 2024

$880.00 due April 1, 2025

Balance ($880.00) due June 1, 2024

NOTE  $100 discount if paid in full by April 1, 2024


Cancellation Policy

All paid monies will be fully refunded if course is cancelled (including $95.45 application fee). Please email application form and certification agreement to, indicating whether you wish to pay the $91.75 registration fee by personal cheque or by e-transfer. Aida will then reply to you with payment details.


200-hour YTT Schedule 2024/5



September 13-15               Friday, Saturday & Sunday

October 5-6                         Saturday & Sunday

October 26-27                     Saturday & Sunday

November 16-17                Saturday & Sunday

Nov 30 - Dec 1                    Saturday & Sunday



January 11-12                    Saturday & Sunday

February 8-9                      Saturday & Sunday

March 1-2                           Saturday & Sunday

March 22-23                       Saturday & Sunday

April 12-13                         Saturday & Sunday

May 10-11                          Saturday & Sunday

June 7-8                             Saturday & Sunday

June 21-22                         Saturday & Sunday

July 12-13                          Graduation weekend



Opening evening: Friday, September 14th, 6:30-9:30pm

Saturdays: 12-5

Sundays: 10-4

Retreat Weekend: Friday 6pm - Sunday 1pm (dates TBD)


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