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Yoga CD


A one-hour gentle yoga audio class, with Aida’s soothing voice. Background music written and performed by David & Hazel Wipper.


Comments by Aida from the CD liner notes:

This CD represents a culmination of experience gleaned from teaching thousands of students over the last 25 years. Yoga rests as the foundation for all of my pursuits. It is the webbing which allows me
to experience all of what I do to the fullest. I have adopted a lifestyle over the years that has helped my family and me live a full and healthy life.
I would like to invite you to share this experience with me through the practice of Yoga.


I honour the divine light in each of our hearts!



Now available for

$20.00 CDN + taxes ($3.00) + shipping and handling ($3.00) = $26.00 CDN 

Payable by e-transfer or personal cheque mailed to:


131 Richmond St.

Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3Y6


For further information, phone: 905 770 9210 or email:

Click to hear an audio sample.

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