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Your feedback about any of Sunlilyoga's programmes is always welcome and appreciated. Here is what some of our students have to say.

I have had the pleasure of taking part in Aida’s yoga classes for almost a year now. I have been an asthmatic my entire life and breathing can be challenging, especially when exercising. Since I have been a part of Aida’s yoga classes, I have really seen a dramatic difference in my breathing and my overall quality of life. I would freely credit this to my
yoga experience and to Aida’s teaching.


Heidi Rule

June 2012

Hi Aida, I really appreciate your classes. I just wanted to let you know that I decided to sign up for both the winter and spring sessions because since I returned to yoga last fall I have not needed to see a physiotherapist. In months prior to that, I had a back and then a shoulder problem for both of which I needed to seek physiotherapy. Being able to come twice a week makes a big difference. I know I am becoming more limber!


Sincerely, Beth Porter

March 2014

Aida, your yoga class saved my life. Let me explain; I started coming to your class twice a week about 3 months ago. There was a lot of sadness and confusion in my personal life. When I sat on my mat and gave myself permission to 'let go' I was enveloped with sadness and the tears would slowly trickle down my face.


Thanks to your class, I focused on embracing that sadness and then releasing it. In doing so I started to feel better and a change in attitude was for me the beginning of other changes. Your classes help me to connect to my body, my soul... myself. Releasing myself from the sadness reminded me of who I was and who I want to be. Now when I start a class I am very conscious of the feeling of gratitude that I have and want to continue to have for all the blessings in my life. Aida, thank you for being part of my journey towards a meaningful life. 



March 2014

Aida, your teachings have changed my life forever. It is through gentle exploration of the physical body that your teachings guided my transformation process while maintaining the ability to stay present with everything that showed up along the path. The constant inquiry helped lead the way to my seeking for answers, resulting in fine-tuning my awareness and helping me shed many layers of ignorance. Every moment of each day I live has been impacted! In gratitude for your gentleness, compassion and loving-kindness.



Taking the yoga teacher's training with Aida gave me such a grounded feeling. How to do and teach yoga was imparted with such grace, integrity, thoroughness, confidence and perspective that I am still assimilating it years later... It not only taught me a lot about yoga and teaching it but of course, about myself. And it was fun! Technically one of the things that I most value were the positive languaging skills I learned – I don't even talk to myself the same way anymore ;-)




The Yoga Teacher Training program was a wonderful, transformative experience. It enabled me to deepen my understanding of Yoga as a "Life Practice". This has enhanced my self-awareness, my daily life experiences and my ability to teach my art students as well as my yoga students. I really appreciate Aida's knowledge, and experience and her ability to share this in a creative and fun-filled manner.



David Frank's musings on the benefits of yoga in his life can be found here.


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