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Hanna Kroeger Energy Medicine

Gabriel and I had a the wonderful opportunity in June and again in November to visit Peaceful Meadow Retreat Center in Boulder Colorado

It’s a beautiful setting at the base of the Rocky Mountains. This is the home of Hanna Kroeger who has been called the “Grandmother of Health”. She received many health awards in her lifetime. New Life Magazine declared her one of the great holistic pioneers of the 20th century along with Novel Prize winner Linus Pauling, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Edgar Back, Dr. John Christopher and Edgar Cayce. An accomplished nurse, chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, herbalist and Master Healer she deeply believed that we can all learn to understand our own health by studying our bodies, minds and hearts and by listening and being truly attentive to the messages that are constantly being offered to us.

We were truly inspired by her work and continue to study it as we apply it to our own health and the health of our family and friends. We’d be happy to share more of what we learned with anyone who may be interested in Hanna’s work.

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