Rest versus Effort

Musings The perfect and complex network I call my body is in a constant craving for both rest and effort. On my yoga mat, I am keenly aware of this. When I remain in one posture for too long, my internal guidance system offers up a myriad of signals to help create a shift. However, the mind, along with years of learned and inherited behaviours, can easily short circuit this perfectly created feedback loop. So, being as observant as possible, I consciously shift my attention to the breath. This is my personal ‘check-in to myself’. Do I need to effort or rest? Do I remain in Warrior for a few more breaths, with all my muscles pushed into full activation, or do I shift to a softer place? The shift may be to actually remain in the posture, but with a softer feeling, or it may be to rest in a completely different posture. This practice of being aware of when to rest and when to effort, is fine tuned on my mat. The benefits that I receive from the time I spend on my yoga mat, guide me in all I do off the mat. Do I always follow my internal guidance system? I would like to say ‘yes’, but to be honest, I do not always do so. Much like needing food and water to live, I need to return again and again to my mat to fine tune my ability to know when to effort and when to rest. I know it’s a lifelong journey, but I celebrate the gift of life that urges me to effort to be the best that I can be, and to rest so that I can be the best that I can be. Wishing for you the joys of effort and rest. Jai Bhagwan

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