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Spring Reflection

Spring offers each of us the obvious opportunity to reflect on the renewal of life that is all around us. The Earth radiates new growth and we as its inhabitants are part of this magical paradigm.

Recently a dear family member travelled on – out of his body into spirit. He had lived a beautifully long and contented life. He touched many people with his love, knowledge, insights and skills. He inspired many. So, I find myself reflecting on how much easier it is to celebrate the beginning of an embodied life but, have difficulty celebrating a life well lived. I grieve for my loss, and how it’s impacting me. Can I not be happy for the freed spirit that is no longer restrained by the limitations of a physical container?

The yogic practice of breath, posture, meditation and stillness, allows us to integrate the grief but it also creates the space to feel the joy that their embodied spirit brought to the world. It’s a celebration – an awesome sadhana – yoga practice. It’s an opportunity to motivate us to create meaning out of the loss of a special person. The deeper our yoga practice becomes, the more we can find space in our heart, mind and spirit to allow the gifts to get passed on through our actions. There’s an opportunity to find and experience the ‘oneness’ with all things and how love is the fabric of the Universe – the fabric that connects us all. The lessons learned through our yoga practice help us to realize that the bonds of love are unbreakable if we keep them safe in our hearts.

So, from this yogic perspective, Spring is no longer a season but a state of always being open to the newness of another breath, another minute, another hour, another day, another year. The Spirit’s transition from body to spirit is perhaps a living Spring!

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